** DAY 1 **


January 1, 2012 Sunday


Woke up today feeling so excited to go to church. I don’t know why, but church makes me feel good. When I was a kid, I didn’t like going to church, at all. Church means, dressing up, going to Sunday school, and just spend the day with the family. Now, I like it. I guess it’s different now. I noticed how hungry I am for the “Word”. Probably from all the pain and the heartaches and the problems I had in the past, these things made me realize that only He can be there for me. Help me.

January 1. A new me. Probably everybody now has a new year’s resolution. Well, honestly, I don’t. I stopped making them 5 years ago when I don’t even do something to make it happen. I guess for me, it’s more of getting to know myself more, everyday, then that’s the time I can do something to improve myself. But one thing for sure is in my resolution is, TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Geeez. This has been a problem for me I think since I reached puberty. When will these fats go away?! Anyway, nuff bout that.

Today, after church, went to the airport to pick up something and went home. When I got home all my dad’s relatives are there already. Yep. It’s my dad’s birthday party, although his real birthday’s not yet till tomorrow, January 2. It’s a tradition. January 1 at the Laguna Residence. Twas a good party. I missed my sister tho, and I think she misses us too.

Night went on. Don’t wanna go into details anymore. Night ended good tho.

Praying that this year will be an awesome year. MORE ADVENTURES!

– L.A. –

Hello World!


Hello Philippines and Hello World! My name is L.A. and this is an attempt to make a 365 Days blog. I hope I can pull this off till the end of 2012.

Will be posting anything that comes to my mind everyday for 365 days, may it be photos, poems, journals, a diary, a video, a food blog, a hate message. ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN. Since this is my blog anyway, I think I can post whatever I want.

This is a public blog but I don’t think I’m gonna let people know about this. If YOU find it accidentally in google, well you’re in luck. You just found the most boring and non entertaining blog in history.



– L.A. –