January 6, 2012 Friday

Howdy! It’s 3:44 in the morning on the 7th of January, but this will be my entry for my Day 6 (since I just got home).

Anyway, today I spent all day at home and went out at night. Went to BF to celebrate a post Christmas and New Year’s party with my highschool friends. It’s been a while since I really got to hang out with them. Lenn and  I go out all the time, but being with Julie and Alex is just once in a blue moon thing, so it’s really really good to seem them.

Had dinner at Julie’s place, exchange some gifts and pretty much talked about highschool.

Finished around 12 midnight. Knowing me, it’s still too early to go home so I decided to go to greenbelt and meet one of my good friends in highschool as well, Dania. She’s a party of the group Pretty Young Thing. It’s like a pussycat dolls but Manila version. They’re pretty yes, but I haven’t seen them perform yet but I think they’re good. Anyway, had some cocktails at Museum Cafe in Greenbelt. Met new friends, the usual.

Stayed till 3am then I went home. Twas a good day. 🙂

Photo below is the party at Julie’s place.

(Left to right: Me, Alex, Julie, Lenn and Charles)


Till tomorrow.


– L.A. –


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