January 7, 2012 Saturday

Why hello there online diary. I just got home. 2:21 in the morning, so yes, this will be my entry for Day 7. Today, I went to Glorietta and had lunch with some friends, Vince, May and Kin. May haven’t tried thai food so we went to Oody’s and had a scrumptious lunch which I think I enjoyed the most. That Tom Yam soup is really my favorite. After that we had coffee at Starbucks. Then I went to Landmark and actually spent an hour looking for a gift that has to be P86.25 worth. So imagine the stress. Computing, walking and looking for things for my exchange gift. After an hour of hard work, I found 5 things that actually sums up to that total. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! That was really really really really really stressful.

After that I went to Glorietta and watched My House Husband with my bestest friend Jed. He’s such a sweetheart for coming all the way from Laguna just to watch it with me. Anyway, just to add, I bought a dress and a blazer which I think is worth the money. It’s soooo cheap yet it looks good. Well, it does on me. LOL.

Anyway, around 11pm went to Distillery and met up with some friends. I just found out Reyn and Russ are together now. I don’t know if I’m gonna be happy about it or not. They’re both my friends. Russ is a good friend of mine but I know Reyn can do better than that. But hey. It’s their love life. Not mine. So at the same time I’m happy for them. Had a couple of some whiskey and coke then went to Isla with Jed to meet up naman with his friends.

And now I’m home. Basically today was just a day of fun. 🙂


Till tomorrow.

– L.A. –



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