January 4, 2012 Wednesday

Today, I went to Newport to take photos of our condominium unit. Nothing much really happened today. Went to church afterwards for a rehearsal. Typical Wednesday. Went to Via Mare in Greenbelt with Reyn whom I think is in love with my friend Russ already.


L.A. Laguna, the great matchmaker.

Honestly, I got to thinking just now, I know I’m not ugly. Modesty aside, I know I’m attractive. I’m not THAT pretty tho, but I know I’m likable. I think in my 26 years of existence here on Earth, I dated 24 guys. 4 of them, I fell in love with.

CJ. Francis. Monti. Marc.

Yep. Those 4 guys whom I opened my heart to. But sad to say, neither of them didn’t actually live up to what I was hoping a happily ever after. But no regrets. I learned a lot from them, making me a better person I guess.

I know for sure and deep down in my heart that God has someone for me. He’s out there somewhere. Probably still sleeping.

But, I know he’s out there, waiting for me as well. And I know in God’s time, I shall meet him. 🙂

Till tomorrow..

– L.A. –


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