January 22, 2012 Sunday

Hello there! Today I’m feeling really really good. I guess it’s because it’s the Chinese new year in a couple of hours and I read somewhere that the Ox is looking good on this dragon year! Well, actually, I agree. I can feel it! I can really feel it. I think this is my year. I can smell some travelling, shopping, satisfaction and a nice job landing on my lap. With God’s guidance I will survive this year with flying colors!

Oh God bless me. 🙂

Anyway, I’m kinda excited on what this year would give me. I’m praying that all will be good. My family, friends, and relatives.

Today i went to church with my family, had a hearty lunch with the Palaruans at Ara Restaurant. As usual. I ate a lot. AGAIN. Tomorrow, I’ll be meeting up a client around 3pm at Resorts World Manila. They would be viewing our unit there. Hopefully the Lord will be good and whispers to the client to buy the unit already. We need the money! 🙂

But all in God’s time. 🙂

God is soooo good! 🙂


Till tomorrow.


– L.A. –


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