Hi guys! This weekend was a blur. It came fast and it went quickly.

JANUARY 13, 2012 Friday


JANUARY 14, 2012 Saturday

Now my Saturday was awesome. My parents are out of town so you know what that means. FREEDOM!! Hehe. Anyway, around 7pm I met up with a very very good friend of mine COLE. Had some nachos and cocktails at Chilis. Then went for some yogurt at Red Mango. Later on went to Izakaya and had beers. Around 11pm, my friend Jed came and the three of us went to Distillery. THERE the night started. People started coming. Ram, Patty his girlfriend and Allan his friend came  and then Russ and Rein followed. I think I had too much to drink coz I remembered I kept dancing that night. Then around 2 in the morning Jed and I passed thru cable car to meet up with a friend. Then around 4am went home. Jed slept over.

Here’s the weirdest thing. When we went home I checked my phone and lo and behold, my ex’s name appeared. I MISSED HIS CALL. Weird for him to be calling me around that time. Anyway,


JANUARY 15, 2012 Sunday

….. here comes Sunday, I went to church with Jed, watched the Capella group. There were really really good. Had lunch with Jed at Kitchen, then I texted my ex just to ask him why he called. Reason was he was in the paranaque area and he just thought I could be there as well. So I replied that Im not coz I was in distillery the whole time.

Then we both ended up having coffee. Hahahaha! That’s it. I think it’s better this way. I like this set up. Friends with my ex. Which is a good thing. It was a normal coffee. I had fun. 🙂

Till tomorrow.

– L.A. –


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