** DAY 1 **


January 1, 2012 Sunday


Woke up today feeling so excited to go to church. I don’t know why, but church makes me feel good. When I was a kid, I didn’t like going to church, at all. Church means, dressing up, going to Sunday school, and just spend the day with the family. Now, I like it. I guess it’s different now. I noticed how hungry I am for the “Word”. Probably from all the pain and the heartaches and the problems I had in the past, these things made me realize that only He can be there for me. Help me.

January 1. A new me. Probably everybody now has a new year’s resolution. Well, honestly, I don’t. I stopped making them 5 years ago when I don’t even do something to make it happen. I guess for me, it’s more of getting to know myself more, everyday, then that’s the time I can do something to improve myself. But one thing for sure is in my resolution is, TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Geeez. This has been a problem for me I think since I reached puberty. When will these fats go away?! Anyway, nuff bout that.

Today, after church, went to the airport to pick up something and went home. When I got home all my dad’s relatives are there already. Yep. It’s my dad’s birthday party, although his real birthday’s not yet till tomorrow, January 2. It’s a tradition. January 1 at the Laguna Residence. Twas a good party. I missed my sister tho, and I think she misses us too.

Night went on. Don’t wanna go into details anymore. Night ended good tho.

Praying that this year will be an awesome year. MORE ADVENTURES!

– L.A. –


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