February 3, 2012 (Day 34, Friday)

I stayed at home in the morning, then at night met up with friends at Eastwood. It’s good to see good ‘ol friends from UST. Jed tag along. Had a couple of beers and a good laugh. Twas a good night. 🙂


February 4, 2012 (Day 35, Saturday)

I’m here in my room at 9:17pm. Today, I just had lunch at Yakimix with my parents and a cousin from Australia. It was a good lunch, I must say. Although, this time I really have to be serious if I really wanna be sexy at my sister’s wedding.

Recently I’ve been lonely, not because I’m single, but perhaps I feel like my deed here in the philipines is already done. I pray and hope and wish that when I go to the States, the Lord will guide me and give me something that I can actually do there to even stay there. I’m not mayabang but I wanna prove something to all the people who are looking down on me.  :c

Anyway, I know in God’s time everything will be alright.

Till tomorrow.

– L.A. –


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