February 1, 2012 (Day 32, Monday)

It’s the love month! One thing I’ve learned in January is just let go of things. Let go of whatever negative feelings you have. I have learned to just be myself. Do not expect. Right now, I’m trying to remove all my bad characteristics. Of course, that’s a lot of work. But I know I can do with the Lord. 🙂

Today, I went to met up with a client around 10am who’s really interested to buy our unit in Newport. I hope God will answer this prayer of mine. 🙂

Then afterwards, met up with Jinggay. Had lunch with her then had my haircut. SHORT HAIR. NEW YEAR. NEW HAIR. 🙂

Then dropped by at the Department of Foreign Affairs to visit a good friend of mine. Jose Carlo Morales. One of my closest friends. 🙂

Went to church for rehearsal then went home. I can feel it. I know I’ve been saying this a lot of times. But I will never get used to it. I will always say it even if it doesn’t even come true. But I know with God being with me, I know my days would be better.

Till Tomorrow.

– L.A. –


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