January 2, 2012 Monday

Woke up around 11:30 in the morning. Major headache. No, I wasn’t THAT drunk from the night before, but yah, I had some alcohol last night. Well, today’s my dad’s birthday. Greeted him. Oh yes I did. Then went back to my bedroom. Spent the day looking for a job online. I have this job at Singapore probably on the first week of February but I’m still looking for something better here in Manila. I mean I wouldn’t wanna leave Manila unless the job offering is in the U.S. or Australia. I don’t like Singapore to be honest.

Around lunch time, my sister called from New York. She just wanted to talk and gossip. Later in the afternoon, I skyped with a friend who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, whom I haven’t talked in a long time. Fritz. He’s like my childhood friend. Twas a good talk.

Today was boring, but hopefully tomorrow will be new and exciting day.

– L.A. –


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